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Newspaper Matters Privacy Policy

Newspaper Matters respects the privacy of all its users and ensures with all means, both human and technical, within its power/reach that the personal information you provide us will be treated as absolutely confidential and stored with maximum guarantees of security.

About the personal information you give us

• Newspaper Matters informs you that it collects information from its users in the following ways:

• When you register as a new user. First of all, we collect your name and a valid e-mail account. Newspaper Matters’ goal is to have clearly identified users on the platform.

• When you fill out the ‘form’ of the user profile you select (Reader, Newspaper or Third party) and when you update information on your user profile.

• When Newspaper Matters uses "cookies" to identify and manage advertising on the platform.

• When you connect as a registered user, the IP address of your computer
(or of the proxy server you use to access the network) and your last connection time is recorded in the system. The link between your IP address and your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties, unless it is required by law.

Exclusion of liability

It is possible it may be required to disclose your personal information when the law requires Newspaper Matters to do so. For example, in response to possible lawsuits or fully justified requests from authorities in enforcing the law.

Newspaper Matters only discloses such personal information when we believe in good faith and with justified reason that it is necessary for the fulfillment of a judicial order, a judicial process in course, subpoenas, or for other legal processes or requests issued at Newspaper Matters from anywhere in the world, or to exercise our legal rights and, if necessary, also to defend ourselves against legal action.

What Newspaper Matters does with the personal information you give us

• In order to properly manage your user account.

• To effectively manage our publication of analysis and evidence management system.

• For notifications to users (both Reader, Newspaper or Third party) on the use of the platform. These notifications can be enabled or disabled from your user profile.

• To communicate on the commercial services of Newspaper Matters. These notifications can be enabled or disabled from your user profile.

• Non-personal information in our databases may be used for analysis to improve and develop our platform and for academic research on its use by researchers linked to the Newspaper Matters Foundation.

• Newspaper Matters does not commercialize under any circumstances personal information that can identify you nor do we provide personally identifiable information to any advertiser or third party.

• Newspaper Matters may share general information with third parties. For example, with advertising networks to process, direct and properly market advertising appearing on Newspaper Matters. Newspaper Matters can direct some ads to users that match a certain general profile (for example, readers of the newspaper X).

On your right to access, correct or delete your information

Newspaper Matters’ users have the right to access their personal data registered on the platform, as well as rectifying it or to have it rectified, canceled and to oppose the processing of data. To give effect to these rights the person concerned must contact Newspaper Matters. The corrections and cancellations requested will be effective within a maximum of ten days.

You can also close your account on the website Newspaper Matters. If you close your account, Newspaper Matters will remove your name and any other information that can be identified in our publicly accessible database.

It is important to know that we can retain certain information you have provided, if necessary to prevent fraud or abuse or for legitimate commercial purposes such as analysis of data which is not personally identifiable, account recovery or if required by law.

On our databases

The databases managed by Newspaper Matters meets all the safety measures required by current legislation. If you have any questions about privacy or to exercise your right you can contact us at:

Newspaper Matters Foundation



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